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Facebook is a social network website that was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. He wanted to create a network for the students from a campus, this way the students had the chance to communicate easier and faster. Everything evolved quickly and Facebook gained notoriety in other universities around the country. Facebook Sign Up quickly became something popular between the students, and this helped the platform to grow.

This happened in the USA, but after a short period of time, Facebook has extended his barriers to Europe, being implemented in England and other European countries. Currently, Facebook is one of the largest social networks around the world, and it is growing daily.

The latest statistics from January 2017 show that there are almost 1.8 billion active users worldwide, which means that they have a 15% growth compared with the same period of the last year. A big percentage of this number of monthly active users is represented by people who use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets – there are around 1.6 billion people who log in to Facebook using portable devices.

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Studies show that there are 5 new Facebook accounts that are created every second and the highest Facebook traffic is concentrated in the middle of the week between 1 PM and 3 PM. These statistics definitely prove how big this social network is, and how much it grew in the last years.

Facebook is an online platform that allows you to create a personal account and to connect with friends and family members, but using it you can also meet new people around your area or around the world. Being able to connect with people you don’t know can be considered both an advantage, but also a disadvantage.

People who create a personal Facebook account can upload photos, videos, can share memories but they can also share different links to other social media websites. An important feature that is very appreciated about Facebook is the messenger. It allows you to communicate with your Facebook by sending private messages.

Nowadays, Facebook isn’t just for normal people – it is also a community for businesses. Big or small companies can create a Facebook Page where they can upload all the details about their products or about the services they are offering. They can interact with friends and customers, and they can promote their business. Also, the celebrities around the world use this social media to connect with their fans and to share their stories.

If you want to become part of this community, you’ll have to create a personal profile or a page for your business.

Facebook Sign Up

Facebook Sign Up

The Facebook Sign Up process is very simple, and it will not take more than a few minutes. After you’ll create your account you will have to configure your Facebook profile by adding personal information about you. You’ll be able to add a profile photo and a cover photo, you’ll be able to add friends, to set up your current location and your hometown and many other interesting things that will define your profile.

To create a Facebook account, access this link: https://www.facebook.com. It will take you directly to the official Facebook Page.

Facebook Sign Up Page

On the newly opened web page, you will have to fill in all the fields with your personal details: First and Last name, Email address or Phone number, password and your birthday. This is the first step of the Facebook Sign Up process. After that, click on the “Sign Up” button. You will receive an email, so enter a valid email address that you’re currently using.

On the email that you just received you’ll see a confirmation link. Click on that link and it will take you to a Facebook page where you might have to enter a code. In the same mail, below the link, you should see a confirmation code that you should use to complete the Facebook registration.

Everything’s done now, and all you have to to is just to configure your newly created Facebook profile. When you’ll sign in (click here to learn how to sign in) to your personal account, you will see that you can add friends using your email address, you can edit the privacy settings and you can upload a picture.

If you want to create a Facebook Page for a business or a celebrity, you should click on that option after you accessed the link that took you to the official Facebook Profile. You’ll have to select from different options, like Artist or Band, Product, Company, Local Business or Place and many others.