Hotmail Sign In

Everybody is used to the fact that Hotmail is just an e-mail service for sending, receiving and reading e-mails. Yet, not all of you know that the above mentioned statement is not true. Once you create a Hotmail account and complete the Hotmail sign in process, you will open a whole new world of comfort and opportunity!

Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail always cares for it’s clients and it shows it by making thing ridiculously easy for everyone! This is due to the fact that the Hotmail sign in process is very easy!

Hotmail sign in process

As you can see, signing in Hotmail is very easy. So, in order to sign in to Hotmail, you just need to go to Hotmail’s official page ( and enter the email address you created during the sign up process. You can also enter your phone number (if you filled it in during the sign up process) or your Skype login (Name).

Hotmail sign in passwordAfter you entered you e-mail address, phone or Skype name, you will be asked for your password. You can choose whether to stay signed in from you PC (the current IP address you are using) or not. If you stay signed in, make sure nobody else has access to it from your PC. Remember to create a strong enough password (mixing words with numbers and capital letters). This way you will make sure your password won’t be stolen.

This is it! You just signed in your Hotmail account! See how easy it is?

Hotmail advantages

As mentioned above, Hotmail is not only an e-mail service as it has a lot more to offer. If you noticed on the pictures above, when you sign in to your Hotmail account you can see the logos of Windows, Xbox, Skype, Microsoft office, Outlook and others. This is because, Hotmail is a big friend of Microsoft. Microsoft is a big friend of Skype, Xbox, and msn. Microsoft has created Office and Outlook. So all of the above mentioned are big friends and work together!

What benefit does that offer to you? You can sync all of the above mentioned functions together! Moreover, you can access one from another with ease!

Because of the fact that Microsoft is a friend of Hotmail, you have the opportunity to use Microsoft Office support in your Hotmail account. That means that is compatible with Microsoft Office documents and give you the opportunity to edit them in your Hotmail inbox without downloading them! This makes work a lot easier when you work with other people.

Hotmail also gives you the opportunity to create personal folders by grouping emails and contacts into types and search related email to you a lot easier and quicker!

Hotmail can sync with Facebook and lets you get in contact with the people in your friends list. This makes communication a lot easier and more comfortable as it stays in one window.

Hotmail is compatible with Exchange ActiveSync, a program which allows you to sync your email, calendar and contacts.

So as you can see Hotmail has great benefits for you, so be sure to utilize them all!